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Revitalize your smile with our professional teeth whitening services, leaving you with a brighter and more confident grin.

Get whiter teeth in just an hour!


We offer the strongest gels available for use outside of a dental clinic in Australia and the highest-grade equipment.  When the process is done correctly most clients achieve maximum results in one treatment with our products which for the average person is 5-14 shades lighter.

What this means is 5-14 shades is the average level of staining a person with an average diet and lifestyle has on the surface of their teeth, who hasn’t had a whitening treatment for at least 12 months and hasn’t been using home products.

Teeth whitening whitens the stains on the surface of the teeth it doesn’t whiten enamel no matter who does it, even a dentist.  This is the case no matter how strong the lamp is or how strong the peroxide is. Each client will have a different start and post-treatment shade and will lighten by a different number of shades.

If you are pregnant or lactating you are advised to avoid teeth whitening. The potential impact of swallowed bleach on the fetus or baby is not yet known. You must be over the age of 16 and individuals with highly sensitive teeth, or those who are in need of dental work should consult their dentist before having a whitening procedure.

Initial Treatment - $150

Touch Up Session - $100

The follow up appointment is optional. All photos below are after one treatment. These results (depending on diet and lifestyle) can last up to 12 months. We offer this discounted follow-up appointment (the same as the initial appointment) to get even brighter results. 

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