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Enhance your beauty with our exquisite permanent jewelry, meticulously crafted to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your style.

Permanent Jewellery (also known as soldered jewellery or forever jewellery) has officially launched at JH Skin & Beauty! Permanent Jewellery is designed to stay on always. Unlike other jewellery, they have no clasp and will be welded on for long-lasting, permanent wear 24/7!

This service is great to do on your own, with someone you love, with a group of friends or for a gift. We offer a variety of sterling silver, rose gold (14K filled) and gold (14K filled) chains and charms so you will be sure to find the perfect personalised piece just for you!


One chain - Silver $110 | Gold - $120

Two chains - Silver $200 | Gold - $220

Three chains - Silver $299 | Gold $300


Silver - $150

Gold - $170


One chain - Silver $190 | Gold - $210

Two chains - Silver $350 | Gold - $399


Silver - $40

Gold - $40


How does permanent jewellery work?  
Its super simple! We custom fit your jewellery to either your wrist, ankle or neck and then using our unique process we weld the piece permanently.


Does getting permanent jewellery hurt?
Absolutely not! All our staff are quality trained. It is extremely safe and completely painless so you won't feel a thing! 

How long does permanent jewellery last?

Depending on your lifestyle and other external factors the lifespan of your piece of jewellery is forever! We choose the highest quality 14K gold filled or sterling silver chains so with the proper care they can last for many years to come. 
They are permanent, not indestructible! Like all jewellery, they may rip, cut and tear in extreme circumstances.


What if I need to remove my permanent jewellery?

If you need to remove your permanent jewellery its super simple! You can just cut it off with household scissors or contact us to remove it for you so you can keep your chain in case you want to re-wear it again.  

Can I go through an airport with permanent jewellery?
Absolutely! Travelling through airport security should not be an issue with your permanent jewellery due to its dainty, delicate nature. 

How old can you be to have Permanent Jewellery?
We perform this service on people 6 years and older. If children are aged between 6 and 18 we do require a parent or guardian to complete the waiver form prior to the appointment. 

Do you offer private Permanent Jewellery Parties?

We sure do! Permanent Jewellery Parties are the perfect celebration for a birthday, hens party, graduation, showers, work events, girls nights and more! Bookings require a minimum of 6 people, location dependent. Travel fees will also apply. 

If you have 10 or more people, the host will receive a complimentary bracelet from JH Skin & Beauty. 

If you are interested in this service, please reach out to us through our Contact Us page. 

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