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With over 11 years experience in all things lashes we like to think we are up there with the best! 

No matter the goal, when it comes to your lashes, we have a service for everyone!



This is perfect for those who want a more 'natural' look, or for someone who has not yet had lash extensions. ​

Say goodbye to wearing mascara - this option is great to make your eyes pop! Allow up to 1.5hrs for application

Full Set - $130  |  2 Week Refill - $70  |  2-3 Week Refill - $90  |  3-4 Week Refill - $110



Our Volume Lash sets are fully customized to suit you. They can be as light or heavy as you like. Whatever you choose, these lashes will be sure to turn heads! Allow  up to 2hrs for application.

Full Set - $160  |  2 Week Refill - $80  |  2-3 Week Refill - $100  |  3-4 Week Refill - $120  |  4-5 Week Refill $140



Are you one of the lucky ones who is blessed with amazing natural lashes? Maybe you just don't want to bother with lash extensions but want a little somethin'-somethin'? This is where lash lifts are great! Using a special formula, we add curl to your lashes and with an addition of a complementary lash tint, we really make them pop!

$80 with FREE lash tint








What is Lash Botox? Lash Botox is a strengthening and nourishing lash lift feeding your lashes with vitamins, argon oil and protein meaning healthier, stronger lashes that will have reduced breakage and promoting overall growth. Your lashes will instantly feel amazing and look it too!

$110 with FREE lash tint

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