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Making brows go from drab to fab is easy with cosmetic tattoo!

Depending on your desired outcome and your current brow status would depend on what technique of cosmetic tattoo we choose to do. At JH Skin & Beauty we offer microblading and machine work. So what is the difference?

Microblading is a form of tattoo artistry where pigment is implanted under your skin with a hand-tool. The hand-tool holds a cluster of fine probes which is used to create life-like hair strokes. Microblading is sometimes referred to as feather touch. Machine work is performed with a top of the range machine that creates shading and lines. The machine is mainly used for combo brow, powder brow or Ombre brow. Which leads us to the next question, what is all these brows that you speak of?

Microblading/Feather Touch Brow is where you only use fine strokes to create life-like hair.

Powder brow is where you create a more solid looking brow. Kind of like you have used powder to create the brow.

Ombre brow is very similar to the Powder Brow, however, it starts off lighter at the beginning of the brow and goes darker towards the tail.

And lastly, Combo Brow is a combination of both the strokes and powder. 

Note: Anyone wanting to visit JH Skin & Beauty for cosmetic tattoo MUST complete a complementary online consultation to see if you are suitable for this treatment with us. 



Initial Treatment - $450

Perfecting Touch Up - $150


Initial Treatment - $500

Perfecting Touch Up - $200


Initial Treatment - $500

Perfecting Touch Up - $250


Must be done within 12-24 months from perfecting touch up - $200

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